ViEW Guide to AMEE 2019

We have prepared a guide to the veterinary-specific events happening at AMEE 2019 for those attending in person or online. Please let us know if anything is missing!

ViEW pre-conference workshop:
PCW18 – Resilience: The art of balancing on a tightrope
Sunday 25th of August 09:30-16:30 
Nicole Mastenbroek, Neils Bakkeren, Jenny Moffet, Martin Cake, Claire Vinten

Walking tour through the Campus of Veterinary Medicine
Saturday 24 August at 14:30-16:00
Visit to clinical teaching facilities in large animal clinics (cattle, equine); Vet Skills lab; Basic and preclinical teaching of anatomy and pathology; and diagnostic imaging (All) No charge, but registration essential. No transport provided. Participants to travel independently, or meet at Austria Centre at 1330 to travel as a group.

Monday 26th of August 2019 at 12:30-13:30 (CEST)
Suite E, Level 0
Also LIVE STREAMED via our Facebook page
(remember to adjust time dependant on your time zone)

ViEW annual members meal:
Tuesday, 27th of August beginning at 19:30(CEST)
At Restaurant Zum Schinakl –
Sign up here

Veterinary-related presentations
Veterinary-focussed presentations listed in the AMEE programme, in chronological order with programme reference number.

#3EE ePosters – 3EE02 (1331)
Monday, 26th of August 2019, Time of Session: 1015-1200
Location of Presentation: Foyer C, Level 2
Assessment of the Clinical Pharmacology Domain of Veterinary Students in a Clinical Workplace: A Grounded Theory Approach for Development of a Cognitive Framework
Presenter: Paul Gordon-Ross, Western University of Health Science, USA (Presenter)

#3LL Posters – 3LL16 (3483)
Monday, 26th of August 2019, Time of Session: 1015-1200
Location of Presentation: Hall/Foyer F, Level 0
Assessing Stress and Resilience of Veterinary Medical Students undergoing the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Presenter: Saundra Sample, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, St Kitts & Nevis

#5I Short Communications –  5I6 (2407)
Monday, 26th of August 2019, Time of Presentation: 1715-1730
Location of Presentation: Room L2, Level 1
Inter-rater agreement between direct examiners and examiners viewing video recordings in veterinary medicine OSCEs
Presenter: Jean-Yin Tan, University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Canada

#5GG – Posters – 5GG12 (1597)
Monday, 26th of August 2019, Time of Session: 1600-1730
Location of Presentation: Hall/Foyer F, Level 0
Development of a Blockchain Based Digital Credential Framework for Competency Based Learning in the Veterinary Industry
Presenter: Jason Johnson, Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine, USA

#8GG Posters – 8GG10 (583)
Tuesday, 27th of August 2019, Time of Session: 1400-1530
Location of Presentation: Hall/Foyer F, Level 0
The impact of extracurricular surgical experience on veterinary students’ performance of canine ovariohysterectomy and orchidectomy in a clinical skills curriculum
Presenter: Julie Williamson, Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine, USA

#10G Doctoral Reports – 10G4 (36)
Wednesday, 28th of August 2019, Time of Presentation: 0930-0950
Location of Presentation: Room 1.85-86, Level 1
Reflection as purposeful, social activity: using cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) to explore recent veterinary graduates’ experiencesPresenter: Sheena Warman, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

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