2010, Glasgow: ‘Clinical Assessment in the Workplace’

This meeting was held in association with the AMEE 2010 conference in Glasgow on Sunday 5th September 2010.


  • Harold Bok, University of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Clare Allen, Ohio State University, USA
  • Kate Cobb, University of Nottingham, UK
  • John Tegzes, Western University of Health Sciences, USA

Overview of the workshop

Evaluation of veterinary students during their clinical rotations is supposed to reflect the progression of students’ clinical competence. The clinical environment is where workplace learning takes place in veterinary curricula, and it is also where the actual performance of students is assessed. However, assessment of performance is complex and therefore the use of multiple assessment methods is imperative to create a rigorous, objective, and defensible assessment program.

In today’s veterinary medical education, competency-based assessment programs are put in place mainly by using existing knowledge from the medical education domain, but amongst veterinary educators there is a need to develop distinct veterinary strategies that reflect the breadth and diversity of the profession.

This interactive workshop allowed delegates to share experiences and discuss the definitions of workplace-based assessment and clinical competence in relation to veterinary curricula, and provide practical advice for developing and enabling different kinds of assessment methods.

Resources (PowerPoint presentations)

Kirsty Magnier (RVC London): Workplace assessment in the health professions (PDF)

Prof. Lambert Schuwirth (Maastricht): New directions in assessment (PDF)

Kate Cobb (Nottingham): Comparing assessment methods (PDF)

Liz Mossop and Kate Cobb (Nottingham): Preparing clinicians for students on placement (PDF)

Harold Bok (Utrecht): Coaching and assessment in workplace learning – (e)Portfolio (PDF)

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