2011, Vienna: ‘One World – One Health: The power of collaboration through Interprofessional Education (IPE)’

This meeting will be held in association with the AMEE 2011 conference in Vienna on Sunday 28th August.


  • Debbie Jaarsma (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands)
  • Sarah Baillie (Royal Veterinary College, London, UK)
  • Christian Gruber (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria)

Overview of the workshop

Collaboration in interprofessional/multidisciplinary teams is one of the keys to successful health care and determines health outcomes. Health professionals around the globe are used to collaborating in such teams. This is the case not only in medicine where doctors work together with nurses, physiotherapists, midwifes etc. but also in dentistry and veterinary medicine. Between these health professions collaboration is not so common. For instance veterinarians and doctors are not so used to working together. However, the importance is obvious: animals and humans live closely together and zoonoses (avian flu, Q-fever etc.) are in the news almost every day.

Not surprisingly, collaboration is an important competency for health profession students to possess at graduation. There is a need to develop teaching and learning strategies and assessment methods to foster this competency development in students. IPE is also highly relevant within the veterinary profession. If we are to aspire to the highest level of care for our patients and therefore our clients, veterinarians and veterinary nurses need to work effectively together.

This interactive workshop will discuss the opportunities of interprofessional education in relation to veterinary and human medicine curricula, and provide practical advice for developing and enabling different kinds of teaching and learning strategies and assessment methods.

Participants will work together to create teaching sessions and share experiences and best practices. Although this workshop is organised by colleagues from veterinary medical education, other health professions are warmly welcomed to attend.

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