2012, Lyon:  ‘Veterinary collaboration in the age of Web 2.0’

This meeting will be held in association with the AMEE 2012 conference in Lyon.


  • Jan Ehlers (University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover)
  • Nick Short and Chris Trace (Royal Veterinary College, London)
  • Sarah Baillie (University of Bristol Veterinary School)

Proposed duration

  • Full day workshop (during Sunday)

Type of activities and form of interaction proposed

  • Presentations, discussions, group work (metaplan, flipchart), online networking (WikiVet, NOVICE, twitter)

Overview of the workshop

Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, discussion boards and blogs have changed the typical internet user from consumer to producer, which has major implications for veterinary practice and education. During the workshop, Web 2.0 tools will be presented, including some veterinary examples, and visions for their role in veterinary medicine discussed.

WikiVet (http://en.wikivet.net/) is the world’s largest veterinary wiki, with more than 11,900 users, 5,000 articles and a virtual veterinary hospital. Participants will learn how to contribute content and use the resources in their teaching. See

NOVICE (www.noviceproject.eu) is a professional veterinary social network with nearly 1,500 members. It will be used to explore the potential benefits of social networks e.g. allowing members to keep in touch, build new networks and exchange information. Additionally, the important issues around veterinarians participation in online communities e.g. security, privacy and IPR, will be discussed.

An activity will explore how twitter can be used to support learning and participants will then be encouraged to tweet during the AMEE conference (#view2012). In the workshop participants will gain firsthand experience of a range of Web2.0 tools and as a result will be able to make informed decisions about their use, potential value
(or not) and contributions to informal lifelong learning.

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