ViEW Pre-Conference Workshop: 27th August 2017

The Hidden Curriculum of Health Sciences Education

Stephen May, Carrie Roder, Elizabeth Chan

Those involved in educational design are aware of the distinction between the planned, delivered and received curriculum. Students are not taught everything that curriculum directors intended, and certainly do not end up knowing and understanding all that they are taught. However, in their development as future professionals, a pervasive influence with a high impact is the hidden curriculum. This involves the structure of the organisations in which students learn, and the culture as it emerges in the behaviours of all whom they encounter as a part of their learning journey. Any understanding of the process of enculturation of novices in health care systems and the development of their professional identities must take account of the nature and effect of the hidden curriculum.
This workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of:
  • The nature of the hidden curriculum
  • How to out the hidden curriculum
  • The value of role models and social support networks
  • The effect of the hidden curriculum on professional identity
  • The hidden curriculum and reasoning skills
  • Approaches to manipulating the hidden curriculum to support intended learning outcomes

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